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Experience a Successful Short Sale – Naperville, Chicago, and Surrounding Areas.


A short sale is sale in which a homeowner can be relieved of a property that is presently worth less than what the homeowner owes. There are numerous benefits to having a short sale in lieu of foreclosure: a short sale does not impact credit scores as heavily, they are not reported by banks, they do not appear on background checks, and it is possible for credit to recover within two years of a short sale. To qualify for a short sale, homeowners must be able to make evident to banks and lenders a form of financial hardship. A financial hardship can be a variety of situations including but not limited to the loss of employment, divorce, the death of a spouse, a sudden onset of a major illness. Proof is typically provided by the homeowner in the form of pay stubs and/or tax returns. If you want to walk away from an unprofitable property, your best option is a short sale. Naperville local Lonny Miller is a certified short sale negotiator who is relentless about obtaining the best possible outcome for his clients. As an Equator-certified Short Sale Agent and Certified Distressed Property Expert, Lonny has helped homeowners walk away from over $200,000 in debt. Experience the relief that comes with a successful short sale. Naperville residents in the surrounding Chicago area can contact the offices of Lonny Miller to find out more about a possible short sale.   Lonny Miller Charles Rutenberg Realty – Serving Chicago and Suburbs 1733 Park Dr #150 Naperville, IL  60563 Phone Number: (847) 347-4666 E-mail: